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Talent of the Horse are offering a unique opportunity to join an exclusive training club, focusing on natural horsemanship techniques to help you reach softness with your horse, enabling you to grow your knowledge as well as fulfil your equestrian goals with your horse, whilst enjoying the journey.


Progressive Monthly Program

The Club is a support network offering structure and consistency as part of a monthly programme.

Included each month is:

Focused on completing level one groundwork, The Basic Foundation, soft & compliant at all the ‘tasks’ included within the program.

Lets not just get good basics, lets understand them and how they develop. The club is about you as horse people as well as your horse at the time or goal at the moment, so improving the big picture such as, handling, timing, understanding of why and when to give a reaction and which reaction. Leading onto growing your knowledge and recognition of changes in a horse and its training. Learn a structured training program, not only how to use the methods, exploring the entire subject of horses and their learning. Whilst having fun with like minded people on the same journey to softness and lightness.

What's Included

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A Private Lesson

Price for non-members


Focus on setting your homework and perfecting the techniques involved with Kay, also helping your horse by starting and assisting with the initial teaching of a method or evasion. Setting homework to take away and improve on, also goal sheets to help with homework and focus points in your everyday horsemanship.

2 Hour Clinic

Usually charged at


Enabling us not only to learn from one another horses and varieties but a chance to include distractions and socialising in a training environment you are all familiar with.

Classroom / Demo Evening

Open to non-members for


This is without your horse and is mainly a spectating clinic. Our own private group, like the clinic with the subjects being demonstrated and explained in front of you, subjects will also include some observation and understanding what you’re seeing in the horse, including herd behaviour.

Members will also have access to:

All this for a fixed monthly fee of £95

(Payable in advance)

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Spectators Membership

Also available for £30

Spectators membership includes:

Join TOTH Club as a spectator and benefit from not only our monthly talk, demonstration & clinic but access to the all round equine information being shared here.

Club is focused on horse training all round but starting at and ensuring all members learn the ‘basics’ the training methods and other skills that contribute to maintaining good leadership for any horse.

Focused on completing level one in the program, The Basic Foundation and training technique in groundwork. Training horses effectively, all the contributors to how they learn.

The club is about you as horse people as well. Having fun and learning together here in our training environment. Being able to ask questions and talk as a group when subjects are being explained.

Join as a Spectator for £30 / month

(Payable in advance)

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