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About Me

I first got into training after a successful junior show jumping career. I met Leigh Jarrett and he showed me horses he had produced. I was amazed. There was nothing they didn’t do, every move in the book. I was hooked! I was lucky enough to become Leigh’s first student, for which I am very grateful.

Kay Maclachlan - Natural Horsemanship Trainer

"I have been learning about horses since I was small child. Their behaviour, particularly with each other, has always fascinated me."

Leigh has taught me to work with a horse using various techniques from around the world, old and new. I use these to create a strong leadership between horse and rider/ handler, irrespective of type, size or discipline due to most of the training being with the mind, communicating in a way the horse understands.

My aim is always to produce a reliable, soft and responsive animal. I combine dressage, groundwork and de-sensitisation to create a basic training programme, which produces leadership from the handler and softness within the horse. Once this is achieved, teaching becomes easy as the horse allows you to educate him.

My first concern is always the horse.

Educating or re-educating horses under saddle is always after a foundation from the ground has been well produced. A horse should be light to move around; forwards, backwards and sideways and reliable from the ground, to allow the ridden education can begin with trust and respect.

I believe its our job as trainers/owners to make sure the horse is strong physically and well set up for his job or career mentally. Working the horse correctly becomes easier and successful if the basics are well established.

Basics here include; yielding softly from the leg and hand with balance, obedient transitions and soft responses from the aids of the seat, leg and hand with a relaxed mouth. I have learnt to work on the areas specific to each horse to improve him physically as well as mentally.

I have been fortunate to train with Abdulrahim Mohamed, a classical dressage trainer, where I have learnt to perfect the basics by using correct lateral work such as shoulder out, shoulder in and travers, with rein backs and being precise with our timing of interference as riders and weight distribution, we can strengthen the horse from behind and through the back whilst gaining suppleness through the whole horse. Teaching the half halt so it can be used softly with accuracy enables the horse to work correctly in balance with the rider and start collection and more advanced work. Understanding when the horse is gaining tension in his work from physical weakness and how to work through it with the horse to fix it. Strengthening him by making him supple.

Obstacle obedience and versatility

Trec is something i like to use in training to improve horses versatility.

I discovered Trec in 2009 browsing the net. I am a big fan of the discipline as it supports everything I do. Trec allows you to combine correct basic flatwork with every day endurance riding and obedience.

I decided to run Trec training clinics, camps and competitions to help and encourage people who want to do something varied and productive for every day horsemanship, increasing their relationship and discipline as well as having fun.

If the leadership and respect is strong and the horse is sound, there are no problems.

I am available for private training sessions upon request, and can offer a reduced rate for group bookings.

I offer full training livery and rehabilitation livery at my facility. Specialising in behavioural and pain related evasions. Please get in touch.

My Team

Meet My Horses


I have owned Perry 8 years and he been a massive contribution to the horse trainer I am today. He was not the easiest but created a reason to not only train him but get good at it! Timing as with any horse is crucial but with Perry and his hot temperament it was fundamental. The lightness I now have with him would not have been possible without my self awareness in pressure and release.

Perry has been trained in Western and English, has competed at Endurance and Trec as well as Dressage, and is now learning Working Equitation. He is also a bridleless and trick horse. My best bud! Produced as my first demonstration horse; my advert of training.



I have had Tel 4 years now. I went to Spain and selected him to be my first PRE to join my demonstration team.

Tel was halter broken only and has now participated in Dressage and 3 demonstrations to date, showcasing some liberty and tricks also.



Aafke is my Friesian mare who I came across whilst training her for a client. We ended with a rather attached partnership, so I bought her and started training classically for dressage as well as some tricks of course. She is calm and reliable so great for clients to perfect groundwork with.

Aafke has been shown this last year with great success, winning two championships and international qualifying cards. We are also excited to be joining GB Friesian Quadrille Team.