"Before we can teach a horse,
we must first understand how it learns."

Welcome to Talent Of The Horse

My name is Kay Maclachlan,
and I'm a horse trainer based in Norfolk.

Training horses is a passion I developed after meeting Leigh Jarrett and seeing for the first time a horse and leader working together as one. My aim is to help as many people achieve this goal with their own horse.

I specialize in starting young horses and re-educating horses with behavioural problems:

  • Loading

  • Clipping

  • Catching

  • Kicking

  • Bucking

  • Farrier

  • Rearing

  • Competition Livery

I work through these problems forming a strong leadership using different techniques from around the world including natural horsemanship, conditioned response training, round pen work and various other methods depending on what suits that individual horse.

If your leadership is right your horse will want to be with you and work for you.

I also cover:

  • Clinics

  • Trick Training

  • Round Pen Work

  • Demonstrations

  • De-sensitising

  • Trec

  • Agility

Having been produced myself by 'Lightouch Horsemanship' the ridden side of work not only follows from the groundwork but is taught with and for 'lightness'. I have been taught to incorporate western techniques with classical dressage to achieve lightness and control displaying the softness between the partnership, not with force, but with understanding, a good foundation, a variety of lateral flexions and a 'classical' way of going.

I have recently started competing at affiliated dressage with 2 young horse I have produced, neither of them being your typical 'dressage' horse but both have been reaching 70%, I am looking forward to what next year will bring with these. The flexions and lateral work combined with their basic training/groundwork helped theses horses settle into their work and relax in their work at home but particularly out at shows, horses need socialising and need to know how to behave at events but also its important, particularly in dressage for them to be relaxed, in order to lift their backs and create a swing, they must be relaxed, hence why this cannot be achieved correctly through force.

Experiencing difficulty with your horse? I can help.